Google Adwords Advertising

This age is ‘digital age’ nowadays everyone searches on Google for product or service. These are potential buyers/clients of your business. Google is having 90% (180 billion ad impressions served per month – source: comScore US, Oct 2011) reach over the all internet users. Make sure your business is visible on Google to gain more sales for your products and services. Actually Google Advertising comes under Search Engine Marketing segment which is also called as PPC/CPC(Pay Per Click/ Cost Per Click) Marketing.

Some interesting benefits of Google advertising:

  • Attract more relevant customers at the right time
  • Advertise your business locally or globally
  • Pay as per the clicks on your ads that means, you only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, or calls you
  • Faster than SEO and Google ads are above the organic search results which why gets instant results on your campaigns
  • Control your own budget
  • Analyze your visitors, track your campaign’s success, get details of your campaign budget
  • Measurable, Relevant, Cost-Effective, Highly Targeted (Location, Device, Language, Time Targeting) and Remarketing of your ads
  • In this way PPC takes out the guesswork from marketing and enables advertiser full control over the advertising campaign


How Does PPC/Google Ad Campaign Works ?:

  • Prospect searches about your services and products on Google
  • Prospect finds your ad and clicks on that
  • They lands on your website or landing page
  • Fills up the enquiry form and submits it to you
  • You get the prospect leads and you can track the conversion on your website for further campaigns